Gerardo Hiriart L.




  • Naval Mechanical Engineer at the “Academia Politécnica Naval”, Valparaíso Chile,1969

  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering (Fluids and Thermodynamics) from the Naval Postgraduate School of Monterey, California 1973


Professional history:

  • 1974 to 1980 Full time researcher at the Engineering Institute of the National University of Mexico “Instituto de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México” as Associated Researcher, developing projects in thermoelectric, hydroelectric and siderurgic plant.

  • 1980 Joinedthe Mexican National Electric Utility “Comisión Federal de Electricidad de México” in the Department of Geothermics, occupying the following positions :


  1. Head of the Reservoir Engineering Office, in charge of well tests, assessment and mathematical modeling for geothermal reservoirs. 

  2. Head of the Feasibility of Projects with tasks such as technical specifications and due diligence for purchasing 15 Geothermal Turbogenerators of 5MW back pressure plants, with special training in Italy. The studies and negotiations to purchase the Geothermal Plant of Baca, New Mexico which was put on sale by the DOE. 

  3. Exploration and Development Manager; where he had to his charge the final assessment and feasibility studies of the Geothermal field of Los Azufres, Los Humeros, Tres Vírgenes and La Primavera, as well as the development of Cerro Prieto IV, and exploratory drilling in Derrumbadas, Pathé, Negritos and Ceboruco.


  • 1993 to 2003 National Director of Projects in Geothermal Energy in which the following projects where given to his charge:


  1. Final assessment of the resource at Tres Vírgenes (10 MW), Cerro Prieto IV (100 MW) and Los Azufres II (100MW),

  2. Permits and licenses negotiations as well as environmental impact of these projects.

  3. Carrying out specifications for the international tender for geothermal wells and generation power plants.

  4. Supervising the construction of the wells, power plants and transmission lines for the Geothermal Projects of Tres Vírgenes, Cerro Prieto IV and Azufres II

  5. General negotiation, elaboration the specifications for international tender and construction/supervision of the Wind Plant “La Venta I” (7 Wind turbines 225 kW each)

  6. Participation with the World Bank on studies and elaboration of specifications for a Hybrid Solar plant (25 MW) with a combined cycle plant for Mexico.


     Other relevant activities in geothermal energy:


  • Author of the Geothermal silencers patent developed for CFE.

  • Author of the patent for an electrical generation hydrothermal micro plant.

  • Author of the geothermal well sonic discharge evaluation method and a gradual decompression model to do reservoir capacity assessment.

  • Geothermal Resources Council (GRC), USA director for four periods of 2 years each.

  • Received the GRC “ Pioneers AWARD” in 2000.


International advisor on the following geothermal projects:

  • Miravalles in Costa Rica where CFE installed two back pressure turbines and carried out the reservoir evaluation.

  • Amatitlán Guatemala, where CFE installed one 5 MW back pressure turbine and carried out a second reservoir evaluation.

  • Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. Well development assessment, evaluation and capacity certification of the reservoir.

  • Multiple congresses participation, national and international geothermal meetings.

  • Technical visits to the geothermal plants located in the U.S.(Geysers, Roosvelt, Hubber, Salton Sea, Imperial Valley, Coso) ,Italy (Larderello), Austria (Blumau), Philippineas (Mac Ban), Indonesia (Kamoyang and Salak), Japan (Kakonda, Beppu), New Zealand (Wairaki, Kawerau, Ohaky), Nicaragua (Momotombo), El Salvador (Ahuachapán), Guatemala (Zunil, Ammatitlan), Costa Rica (Miravalles) and geothermal zones in China, England, Hungry, Hawaii, Bolivia and Chile. Detailed technical visit (in 2010) to the geothermal units of Lahendong in Sulawesi, Indonesia and Krafla in Iceland, Soultz in France

  • Guest in 2005 at the “Ministros de Energía y Medio Ambiente” in London, as a geothermal expert.


In non geothermal subjects:

  • He was in charge of the wind resource assessment and the purchase of equipment and the supervision of the construction of La Venta I in Oaxaca (7 wind turbines of 225 kW), and the 600 kW wind turbine of Guerrero Negro.

  • Active participation with the World Bank in negotiating the financing of the 50 million dollars for a hybrid solar-combined cycle plant, 280 MW project.



April of 2003 to December 2005 Chief of the Technical Support Unit of CFE “Dirección de Operación de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad” where he was mainly dedicated to the study and analysis of new generation technology and energy resources (coal gasification, cogeneration, hydrogen, methane hydrates and renewable energy).

December 2005. He retired from CFE after 26 years of service.


December 2005 to January 2010 Invited Researcher of the Engineering Institute “Instituto de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”, as director of the IMPULSA Project (Desalination with renewable energies) “Desalación de Agua de mar con Energías Renovables”.


  • *Author of the “hydraulic floating generator” patent for tidal energy (XA 2007/002519).

  • *Author of the book “Desalación con Energías Renovables” with joint collaboration with the “Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM” in 2007.

  • *Author of the chapter titled “Geotermia en México” of the book “Geología Económica de México” published by the Mexican Geological Service in 2010 (second Edition)

  • *Author of two chapters of the book titled “Energías Renovables no Convencionales” published by the “Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile” in 2010

  • He is in charge of Mexican representation in the Circumpacific Directors Council for Energy and Mineral Resources (CPC), since 2003.

  • Mexican representative for the implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency on Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES).

  • Appointed as Coordinating Lead Author by the ONU Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change Panel ONU (IPCC) of Chapter 4 Geothermal Energy

  • Representative of the Engineering Institute to the World Energy Council (WEC) Mexican Chapter.

  • Named expert member of the Technical committee for sustainable Energy Fund by the “Secretaría de Energía” of Mexico

  • In 2006, recipient of the Renewable Energies National Award.

  • From 2005 until today: Guest professor in the Sustainable Energy MS course at the “Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María” (Chile).

  • January, 2010, he created his own consulting company (ENAL) “Energías Alternas, Estudios y Proyectos”, mainly dedicated to the development of geothermal projects and renewable energy.

  • 2010 He was designated as Coordinator of the Subcommittee of Energy Policies at the “Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de México”.

  • As CEO of ENAL, he leaded a group that begun with only three engineers and organize in a very short time a very successful company based on three levels. Basic level, formed by more than 15 young undergraduate engineers (directing their thesis) and some others recently graduated. Internal technical level, based on 9 recently retired from CFE geothermal engineers who has helped in training the basic level members and actively participated in the works performed by ENAL. External experts. Inviting the best researchers from national Universities to hel on specialized training and inviting very highly qualified international consultants to help ENAL in the tough technical decisions and to give lectures to the members of ENAL.


Today ENAL has done pioneering work for the Mexican and overseas private sector in:

  1. Minerals recovery from the geothermal brine in Cerro Prieto

  2. Development of a blind undiscovered geothermal field in the State of Nayarit with very good success

  3. Participate as Consultants in new geothermal developments in Chile, Bolivia and Guatemala

  4. Consultant in geothermal turbines for Alstom and for Codelco

Participate as a consultant for geothermics with the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank

Héctor Gutiérrez Puente


 ENAL. Operations Manager.(2010-Up to Date)

• Drilling Engineering Consultant for El Cerboruco Project.

• Laguna Colorada, Bolivia. Project Leader for well testing and field development.

Independent Consultant (2006-2010)

• IMPULSA Project. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. 2007.

• Geothermal Evaluation Prospects at Baja California Area. 2006

CFE (2003-2010). Steam Production Assistant. Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field.


CFE (1993-2003). Head of Geosciences Department. Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field.

• Responsible for the Reservoir Engineering Management. Make up wells strategy. Reserves and field’s development plans. CFE’s Geothermal International Projects.

• Geology and Geophysics Surveys. Well completion. Well logging analysis.

• Brine disposal policy. Reinjection wells. On site silica tests. Fluids Chemistry.

• Environmental Management. Air quality monitoring. Water and soil control.


Independent Consultant. PANAMERICAN INVESTMENTS (1999). La Paz, Bolivia.

• Reference Terms for the International bid of the Laguna Colorada Geothermal Project.


CFE. (1996-1997). International Entrepreneurs.

• Chief of Project. Assessment of the Laguna Colorada Geothermal Field.

• Reservoir Engineer. Assessment on the Amatitlan Geothermal Field, Guatemala.

• Production Engineer at the Miravalles Geothermal Project, Costa Rica.


CFE. (1989-1993) Chief of the Reservoir Engineering Office.

• Reservoir Engineering for the Cerro Prieto IV Project. 100MW


CFE. Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoléctricos. (1982-1993) Well logging Engineer.




Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Universidad Virtual. 2004.


Comision Federal de Electricidad.


Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey-Comision Federal de Electricidad.


Finance For Non Financial Managers.


Energy Market. 2000. Certificated.


Strategically Management. 2000. Certificated.


English Language Proficiency. Certificated.





• Drive and Energy. Problem analysis. Conceptual, long term thinking.

• Leadership. Getting commitment from others.

• Teamwork focus. Decision making. Cross cultural awareness.



• Customer service orientation. Concerns for excellence.

• Change proactive, innovative thinking.

• Perseverance and result orientation.

Salvador Espíndola Hernández



  • Mechanical Engineer, National University of Mexico (UNAM)

Professional history:

  • 2004 Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE). Developing technical and economic feasibility tools (software) for geothermal projects.

    • Instructor for CEPAL, technical and economic analysis for geothermal projects (Chile).

  • 2005 to 2009Engineering Institute of the National University of Mexico “Instituto de Ingeniería de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”. Coordinating the technical area of the IMPULSA Project (desalination with renewable energies, being the director of the following projects:

    • Diagnosis and study of the polluted aquifer “Tultitlan, Edo. De México” by hexavalent Chrome. Drilling one core hole well (geological studies); drilling tree scientific deep wells, in order to understand the polluting impact on water, soil and to have data for the dispersion reservoir model of the chrome plume.

    • Low enthalpy possibilities in Cerro Prieto geothermal field. Data acquisition campaign (wells, pressure and temperature loggings, geological model) in order to build a reservoir model for low enthalpy resources extraction applying different technologies.

    • Design of the system extraction for low enthalpy resources using pumping systems.

    • Environmental characterization for the cooling water excess and its possible applications for the Cerro Prieto Field

    • Environmental characterization and implications in the Cerro Prieto Field for soil, water and air.

    • Reservoir modeling of the saline intrusion for “La Paz, BC City”

    • Feasibility study for the location of a Desalinating plant in “La Paz, BC City”, analysis and modeling of the sea water intake and brine discharge

    • Geophysical study and well test development and analysis for polluted reservoirs “Tultitlan, Edo. De México”

    • Boron removal from geothermal condensated steam in Los Humeros geothermal Field

    • Boron removal from geothermal condensated steam in Los Azufres geothermal Field

    • Exploration program for low enthalpy resources (geophysical, geological, geochemical and new prospection technologies) in Baja California, Mexico.

  • 2009 up to now. Chief Technical Officer of ENERGÍAS ALTERNAS, ESTUDIOS Y PROYECTOS SA DE CV. ENAL GROUP, leading the following projects

  • Mineral recovery project for Cerro Prieto geothermal brine

  • Exploration manager of Domo San Pedro, Nayarit geothermal prospect

  • Leader of the national geothermal exploratory program

  • Design and specification of exploratory deep wells for Domo San Pedro, Nayarit (4000m)

  • Chief of the deep drilling program for Domo San Pedro, Nayarit

  • Enhancement of low permeability geothermal wells.

  • Geothermal PTS logging for national and international geothermal fields

  • Reservoir assessment for different geothermal fields

  • Reservoir modeling for geothermal fields

  • Design and specification for a 25 MW geothermal plant for Domo San Pedro, Nayarit

  • Design and start up for well head geothermal turbines (50kW, 500kW, 5000kW)

  • Design of surface equipment (gathering system) for geothermal fields

  • Participate as a consultant for geothermics with the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank

  • Development of a blind undiscovered geothermal field in the State of Nayarit with very good success

  • Participate as Consultant in new geothermal developments in Chile, Bolivia and Guatemala

  • Design of exploratory geothermal wells for new blind prospects

  • Consultant for the decommissioning of 2 Back Pressure geothermal Units in Nicaragua


     Other relevant activities in geothermal energy:

  • Instructor for technical economic feasibility studies for geothermal projects.CEPAL, Chile

  • Mexican representative for the World Energy congress (Italy)

  • Instructor for technical economic feasibility studies for geothermal projects. ALSTOM

  • Exploration programs and reservoir evaluation for geothermal projects. Colombia, Geological Survey

Participate as consultant for BID and World Bank, for evaluation of geothermal projects